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The Foundation of Understanding Human Anatomy During...

Our understanding in anatomy and physiology today will be deadened without the knowledge from the Renaissance period. Let take a short step to look at what is Renaissance? Based historian, Renaissance means rebirth because â€Å"it [is] believed that the human spirit [has] to be reawakened as it [is] in the classical (Greco-Roman) times† (). During this time, the new conception of human emerges as individualism which means a man can create his own destiny, and humanism in which â€Å"humans are the center of the universe† (). With their free will and the motion in seeking personal fame, artists engage themselves in learning the structure of human body to make their works more lifelike. With such knowledge, they have built the foundation for our†¦show more content†¦First, it is the perspectival depiction technic which Mantegna uses to portray Christ body. The painting appears with Christ body in the center lying on a marble slab with Virgin Mary and St.John by his side. From the viewer’s angle, one can see the anatomical details in Christ body especially his thorax. It is because Mantegna uses â€Å"foreshortens and dramatizes the recumbent [of Christ] figure† (). However, Christ’s feet are smaller in the size so that they cannot interfere the view of Christ body. If Mantegna draws Christ’s feet in proper size, it may cover much of the body. This painting is one of the most masterpiece as example for perspective technic. Even thought Mantegna uses foreshorten to make Christ’s body appearing shorten, the physical structure of his body is still represented accuracy. By using the perspectival depiction technic, Mantegna also expresses his understanding of human anatomy through Christ’s figure. For the first look, we can see Christ’s thorax is described in detail. His bond and muscle of the chest appears natural. Besides, the wound in his arms and feet are small hole surround by broken flesh. It is understandable in our world today due to our knowledge of anatomy. The wound looks like that because people takes the nail which stuck Christ’s arms and legs to the cross out. The broken flesh is the trace of the nail being stuck in his arms and feet. However,Show MoreRelated Anatomical Discoveries During the Renaissance Period926 Words   |  4 PagesMedical treatments and understanding of the human anatomy have come a long way. Though if it weren’t for certain Anatomists, we may have not have had the right comprehension of the human body which could have led to errors in surgery and more deaths while treating patients. The Renaissance period was a time where Anatomists searched for clearer understanding of the human body. During the Renaissance period, Anatomists questioning and experimentation led to great discoveries of the human body. Wrong theoriesRead MoreRelationship Between Art And The Growing Body Of Science996 Words   |  4 PagesIn this essay we would try to comprehend and understand how renaissance and post-renaissance artistic movements excelled hand in hand with the increasingly accumulating body of scientific knowledge and how the artists of the relevant periods utilized the scientific understanding in creating their artistic works and productions. Relationship between Art and the Growing Body of Science The renaissance was not just a rebirth of the classical ideals of antiquity of Greco Roman world but it inspired anRead MoreThe Transition Of Art, Music, And Literature From The Gothic Age Through The Renaissance1261 Words   |  6 PagesGothic age through the Renaissance. Talk about the development of art, architecture, music, or literature during this period, the significant issues, technologies, or styles, and some of the cultural or social influences. Finally, list at least six individuals and their work that provides examples from your discussion.† Comprehensive Essay The transition of art (incorporating the art spanning from paintings and architecture) from the Gothic Age all the way to the High Renaissance was, in my opinion;Read MoreThe Transition Of Art, Music, And Literature From The Gothic Age Through The Renaissance1261 Words   |  6 PagesGothic age through the Renaissance. Talk about the development of art, architecture, music, or literature during this period, the significant issues, technologies, or styles, and some of the cultural or social influences. Finally, list at least six individuals and their work that provides examples from your discussion.† Comprehensive Essay The transition of art (incorporating the art spanning from paintings and architecture) from the Gothic Age all the way to the High Renaissance was, in my opinion;Read MoreThe History of the Western World from 500 B.C. to 1500 A.D.1178 Words   |  5 Pageseconomically. In this paper we shall examine the western world historically. Specifically we will examine the period between 500 B.C and 1500 A.D. Examine the most significant person, event, movement or occurrence. This period was the medieval period that was an era experienced in Europe during this time. The dark ages were also experienced during this time between 500 A.D and 900 A.D. This period starts in the fall of the Roman Empire which witnessed decay everywhere . The weight of poverty, insecurityRead MoreA Grand Chain Of Rebellion First Beginning Of The Renaissance Era2674 Words   |  11 Pagesthe ideas of the previous eras to create their own new and unique understanding of the world. Intellectual movements that influenced recent history are part of a grand chain of rebellion first started in the Renaissance era. Renaissance era covers the 300 years from 1400 to 1699 and is characterized by a revival of Classical scholarship, wisdom and values. European culture was reborn in the 15th century after a long dormant period in the Middle Ages that extended from the fall of the Roman EmpireRead MoreArchitecture Of Europe During The Eighteenth Century2650 Words   |  11 PagesDuring the fifteenth century, architecture in Europe underwent a dramatic change in architectural styles, transitioning from Gothic to Renaissance. However for Italy, who had substantially less involvement with Gothic compared to other countries in Europe such as France, not only revolutionised in terms of architecture but also in terms of their social and economic state. With Italy positioned between Western Europe and Byzantium on the east, it acted as the trade hub for products coming out of theRead MoreThe Renaissance Was a Revolutionary Period2551 Words   |  11 Pagesinfluence through social, economic and political m eans. Historians debate whether the Renaissance was considered a revolutionary period of history or not, however the Renaissance means â€Å"rebirth† and laid the foundation of the current era, the Modern Times. The Renaissance is a revolutionary period of history due to the far-reaching changes in art, politics, science and technology, as well as religion. During this period, art became more realistic, politics became based on merit, science and technologyRead MoreThe Renaissance Period3406 Words   |  14 PagesThe argument being put forward in this dissertation is that the Renaissance in Europe, with specific emphasis on Italy, during the 15th Century, was the most influential period in developing the ‘early modern’ human society. Many believe that this was due to its almost perfect location between Western Europe and the Eastern shore of the Mediterranean. By analysing various factors and sources, as well as different aspects of society, for example politic al factors and the views of contemporary textsRead MoreSociology : How Human Action And Consciousness Shape The Surrounding Of Cultural And Social Culture1734 Words   |  7 Pagesscience or study of the origin, development, organization, and functioning of human society; the science of the fundamental laws of social relations, and institutions. Sociology is the study of human social relationships and its institutions. It is a diverse form of crime to religion, division of race and/or social class, to a social stability that will change a whole society. Sociology’s purpose is to understand how human action and consciousness shape the surrounding of cultural and social cultures

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A Sense of Atmosphere in The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll...

A Sense of Atmosphere in The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde Introduction: The tension and suspense in the novel begins with the title, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. It makes you want to know what the strange case was and how it affected the characters. One day, Utterson was out walking with the town distant kinsman Mr. Enfield when they passed a house Mr.Enfield tells Mr Utterson a strange case about the house. Description of the house makes reader feel mysterious. It is very strange compared to other houses. Appearance of the house foreshadows Mr.Hyde because the atmosphere of the house gives a sinister that it is clearly cold and unwelcoming just like its owner.†¦show more content†¦The house and name of Hyde gives secrecy. As I have written before, Mr.Enfield description of the house adds mystery. Cannot see inside, nobody goes in and out but once in a great while. Which creates very mysterious atmosphere and tension on the reader and Mr.Utterson? The name Hyde sounds mysterious as well. It very sounds like Hide, not to be seen. Gives mystery but nothing. All the description about Mr.Hyde is strange to the reader. There is SOMETHING (gives mystery) wrong with his appearance; something downright detestable. He gives a strong feeling of deformity. Writer tries to give very little information about Hyde, and it is not definitely horrific but reader gets the feeling or a presence of horror and very strong mystery. Mr.Enfield says, Lets make a bargain never to refer to this again. Reader and Mr.Utterson wants to know more about Hyde to solve the mystery but Enfields wants to forget about him. Reader and Mr.Utterson knows just a little bit about Hyde and it is quite puzzled. Puzzled knowledge creates mystery and makes reader to desire for solving the mystery which also leads us to creating a sense of atmosphere. Characters: There are four characters in opening chapter of the novel: Hyde, Utterson, Enfield and Cain heresy. But I will be referring to the three main ones. Mr Utterson is a

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Wilsons Ineptitude Stubbornness 1991 Dbq Ap History Essay

President Wilsons own ineptitude and stubbornness is what led to the Senates defeat of the Treaty of Versailles, rather than the strength of the opposing forces. Even Wilsons closest and most trusted advisors could not sway his stance. Wilson was strong in his stance and incorporated the idea of the 14 points. While it is true that opposing forces contributed to defeat the treaty, it was Wilsons unmovable position that led to its ultimate defeat in the Senate. There was much opposition to the Treaty in the United States, as well as the rest of the world. In the excerpt from The New Republic, it proves the publics general disdain for the Treaty. Whether they had hoped for the treaty to be more lenient on Germany, or more severe,†¦show more content†¦In the political cartoon, with Wilson jumping out of the window is just another example of how Wilson had to have his way, which is why he didnt succeed; he couldnt make enough people agree. One example of this is in Wilsons speec h on September 5, 1919, where he says If it should every in anyway important respect be impairedÂ…I would feel like asking the Secretary of War to get the boys who went across the water to fightÂ…And I would stand upÂ… and sayÂ… you are betrayed. This is just another of example of how Wilson will not accept anyway, but his, but he was not the one with the most power. It is true that Henry Cabot Lodge and the Republican majority in the Senate were a force in the defeat of the treaty. By holding off the vote and making his own changes to the treaty, Lodge knew that he was using Wilsons hatred to his advantage. Wilson would have accepted the changes if they had been proposed by one of his fellow Democrats, but the fact that they had been written by Lodge made Wilson see red. He immediately ordered Democrats to vote entirely against the treaty with the added Lodge votes. The only possible path to ratification would be to accept the treaty with the new changes. Wilson chose t o block the passing of the treaty by persuading Democrats to vote against it. Unfortunately, Wilson had a stroke, and his last efforts in getting the vote to go his way

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Resolving Ethical Dilemmas a Guide for Clinicians †Free Samples

Question: Discuss about the Resolving Ethical Dilemmas a Guide for Clinicians. Answer: Introduction Charges of profession misconduct were brought against Dr. Susan Lim after she charged her patient approximately $24 million for the services she provided. These charges were deemed excessive which brought into question her ethical conduct. As a doctor who is not only experienced but also regarded as one of the best in her field, she reserved the right to charge her own prices (Singapore Medical Council, 2013).The objective of this essay is to analyze this case and come to judgment whether or not it was right for her to charge so much. The ministry of health found her liable after going through the numerous charges were brought against her Virtue ethics theory. The virtue theory judges a person by his/her character rather than by an action that may deviate from his/ her normal behavior. It takes the persons morals, reputation and motivation into account when rating an unusual and irregular behavior that is considered unethical. However, this theory has one weakness is that it does not take into consideration a personal change in moral character (Lo,2012) In our case here Dr. Susan Lim was one of the best practitioners in the field of expertise .she was well known in the country for being the first doctor in the country to perform a liver transplant and it was a successful one. She had enough experience to be trusted with the life of the queens sister. If you had seen her credentials before she was given the job of taking care of the queens sister, you would have agreed to any amount of money she would have quoted for the treatment. Charging $. 24 million would have sounded like a bargain because with her experience and credential and the amount of money she was asking for, that is assurance enough that she would have positive results in the treatment. On the other hand, if Dr. Susan Lim had asked for that kind of money without her fame and experiences my guess is that the Brunei royal family would have done an inquiry into the cost of the treatment and investigate the doctor to make sure that her claims were legitimate According to this theory, both the Brunei family and Dr. Susan are both right and wrong. The royal family is right for wanting the best treatment for their family. They went for the best in the business regardless of how much it would cost them. They were wrong to believe the doctors price of treatment and sue her later for overcharging them. The doctor was right to charge the amount she charged. She was the best doctor and they chose her. She charged them excessive amount because he believed the care and treatment she provided was worth the amount. It was not right for the doctor to overcharge the doctor the royal family although at the time there were no guidelines or law on how much was overcharging. If a person .who is well off going to a high-end shop and buys a product, the same product which he has bought from a regular shop but at a much cheaper price. This person can complain that the high-end shop is has conned him because it was his choice to go with the expensive and luxurious experience which comes with the high-end shop. The same applies to the Dr. Susan case Deontological theory. Deontological theory recognizes specific moral duties as having inherent value in them which needs no further justification. Moral actions are evaluated on the basis of inherent rightness or wrongness rather than goodness or a primary consideration of wrongness (Carne, 2010) distinguishes between strong deontological theories based on the relevance or irrelevance of goodness of an Act. The basic Assumption of this is that theory is that there is no rationale on which an individuals duty can be logically decided on (Lo,2012) Dr. Susan had an obligation to care and treat the member of the royal family (Carne,2010). She was the best and she did her best in performing her duty. The Brunei royal family sued Susan for the amount of money she charged them for her services not how she performed her job. In Dr. Susans defense for someone to complain about amount charged after services offered one should first have a problem with the quality of the services or they should have an issue with the service. Dr. Susan treated the queens sister for over 3 years for her breast cancer. During these years, she billed them in the amount of approximately $24 million for her services. The royal family and the Bruneian government were dissatisfied with the amount and sought help from the ministry of health of Singapore to bring charges against her. A panel of three judges found her liable for professional misconduct The ethical issue here is whether Dr. Susan was right or wrong for charging the royal family way above the market rate for her services. The Brunei royal family (the queen's sister in particular) patients need the best care they can get. It does not matter if you are the best or the worst physician all that matters is that you provide the best care you can provide. The Singapore Medical Council (SMC).It is the body responsible for overseeing doctors activities and making sure that doctors behave accordingly and do not take advantage of their patients. According to (Medical Ethics Today,2012). Your ethical responsibility to charge fair and reasonable fees that goes over and above contractual and market forces means that even if patients acquiesce to your charges (thus forming a contract), you are not absolved from the responsibility of charging reasonable fees. This principle has been affirmed by the courts in Singapore. In business terms, a contract is binding and it might be argued that should patients agree to a level of fees presented to them, they have no reason for complaint. However, this is not in the spirit of professionalism (Tan et al,2015) The doctors. In this case Dr. Susan represents all the doctors and the whole profession. These three are the parties affected directly by this case .there are those who are affected. I am one of those who have been affected also but not directly. As a member and representative of the Singapore Association for Counseling (SAC), I am tasked with the responsibility of impartially assessing this case and coming up with a judgment on Dr. Susan. There is also the government and the general public Dr. Susans act exposed a loop hall in the private sector where the doctor has to set the amount to charge their patients. Overcharging patients is now deemed an ethical violation. The problem comes in determining how much is overcharging. Since the doctors understand the complexity of their services and that the same services may be different in different patients, it becomes difficult to decide the exact amount that is too much Ethical misconduct leads to criminal charges which end up in loose of operating licenses .suspension from practice and or fines (Singapore Medical Council,2013) the doctor billed the royal family approximately $ 24 million for her services. Dissatisfied with the costs, the Bruneian government sought the intervention of ministry of health of Singapore, which started the disciplinary proceedings. The court thoroughly examined the 94 charges against Dr. Susan and found that her fees charged were grossly excessive and vastly disproportionate to the services actually provided the court found her liable for professional misconduct (Bond,2015). Dr. Susan had an obligation to provide her patient with all the information about her treatment. That includes the information on how much the treatment was going to cost and have evidence to back her up SMC Ethical Code and Ethical Guidelines community looks up to doctors as being part of a noble profession. As such, profit motives must be subservient to treating patients in their best interests (Australian Society of Rehabilitation Counsellors, 2014). Where you have the ability to set fees, ethical charging means: 1.Due to the fact that medical practice is a profession that is governed by rules, the amount of fees changed must be reasonably fair and be in accordance with the work done and the surrounding circumstances. 2.Fees charged must be such that they do not bring about any dispute to the profession. Therefore, you must exercise due consideration in setting your fees. The appropriateness of your fees is subject to the review of peers. 3.You must only charge fees for services directly rendered by yourself or those who are directly under your supervision. You may collect fees on behalf of other doctors, who have assisted you in your overall care of your patients, but taking additional fees for oneself in situation where you have not provided any services for other doctors is not permitted. 4.There must be transparency in setting fees and patients must be informed of the chargeable fees in advance before they are provided with services. However the agreement by patients to pay the amount of fees charged does not pardon an individual from charging just fees. The ethical obligation to charge fair fees for services provided is not guided by any agreement between a medical professional and a patient but it operates above the market forces (Carne,2010). Dr. Susan was not transparent on some of the charges for her services. Some of her invoices could not be explained. The amount she charged was overly excessive even though she reserved the right to charge her own fees for her services. The ministry of health and the SMC had the obligation to take legal action against her (McLeod McLeod, 2011). According to me, Dr. Susan overcharged her patient which is a violation of her ethical duty. She was the best option and gave her best but that did not give her the right to charge so much. According to her experience and status in the medical field, it is expected that her services would not come cheap. The Ethical Code and Ethical Guidelines clearly stipulate that doctors should charge their patients fairly and be transparent on their charges (Douglas, 2014) Dr. Susan was not transparent, not fair. My judgment is that she is liable for the professional misconduct and should suffer the consequences of her actions Some questions about this case might arise. E.g. what if the patient had agreed to the costs?. The royal family had sued for being overcharged. Although in this case there was no agreement on the cost it is correct to assume that for her experience and status it would have been okay to charge more than the market rate for her services. Another question it raises is; should the wealth of social status determine how much doctors charge their patients. The royal family has one of the highest statuses and is kind of expected that they want the best of services available. The sister of a queen is no ordinary patient and I do not think the royal family would agree to their family member being given treatment just like any other ordinary patient. My own intuition tells me that the doctor was guilty of taking advantage of her client and should face the law (Icheku,2011). Conclusion Dr. Susan had the right to charge her own client the way she saw fit. In this case, she went too far by charging way much above the agreed rates. This in return brought her ethical conduct into question because it is defrauding them. She was fined and suspended from practice for a specific period of time. The SMC clearly stipulates that doctors should charge their clients for the direct services they offer. it also says that the amount charged should be transparent and fair I, therefore, stand by the ruling of the court that the doctor was liable of professional misconduct References Australian Society of Rehabilitation Counsellors. (2014). Code of ethics: For the profession of rehabilitation counselling. Hurlstone Park, N.S.W: Australian Society of Rehabilitation Counsellors. Awoyemi, J. A. (2014). Ethical code for counselling in education in a multicultural society. Place of publication not identified: Lulu Com. Medical Ethics Today: The BMA's Handbook of Ethics and Law. (2012). New York, NY: John Wiley Sons. Bond, T. I. M. (2015). Standards and Ethics for Counselling in Action. London: SAGE Publications Carne, R. (2010). Professional ethics. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Douglas Birsch(2014) Introduction to Ethical Theories: A Procedural Approach. Illinois: Long Icheku, V. (2011). Understanding ethics and ethical decision-making. Xlibris Corporation. Lo, B. (2012). Resolving ethical dilemmas: a guide for clinicians. Lippincott Williams Wilkins. McLeod, J., McLeod, J. (2011). Counselling skills: A practical guide for counsellors and helping professionals. Maidenhead: Open University Press. Proctor, G. M. (2014). Values Ethics in Counselling and Psychotherapy.London.SAGE Publications Psychotherapy Counselling Federation of Australia., American Psychological Association., British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. (2011). Code of ethics: The ethical framework for best practice in counselling and psychotherapy. Fitzroy North, Vic: PACFA. Schlabach, G. A., Peer, K. S. (2008). Professional ethics in athletic training. St. Louis, Mo: Mosby Elsevier. Tan, C. T., Leong, J., Tan, A., Tan, D., Executive Counselling and Training Academy,. (2015). Essentials of counselling competencies: A practical guide. V Singapore, L. M. L. S. Medical Council [2013] SGHC 122. High CourtOriginating Summons No 780 of 2012 Andrew Phang Boon Leong JA, VK Rajah JA and Tan Lee Meng J 15 January 2013

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50+ Interesting Impromptu Speech Topics To Choose From

Impromptu speech is considered as one of the most difficult speeches. For that reason, it is also one of the most useful speeches to master. Impromptu speeches are a great way to practice quick thinking and speaking. Usually, you have less preparation time or you can say a few couples of minutes to prepare a speech that lasts around 5 minutes. Quick Links 1. Impromptu Speech Topics 1.1 Debate Competitions 1.2 Personal Experience 1.3 How-To 1.4 Persuasive 1.5 Business 1.6 Funny Even for this short duration speech, you will require to follow a structure on what you are going to say. It is very important to ensure that what you are saying is clearly understood by others. You can also explore our detailed guide on how to write a speech to clearly understand the speech structure. If you are not good at public speaking then choosing a good topic for your speech can boost up your confidence. You should also be aware of some impromptu speech topics and ideas that will help you to build confidence for all types of speeches or even conversation. 1. Impromptu Speech Topics Here are some of the good impromptu speech topics ideas to improve your communication skills. Simply, know your audience and focus on the way you are delivering the speech. 1.1 Debate Competitions What it is to be young? Effects of Climate change and Global Warming Why do teenagers start smoking? Why should every citizen vote? When it is ok to lie? What is the difference between Intelligence and Wisdom? Why humor is an important life skill? How self-driving cars are the future of transportation? What is the role of CCTV cameras? Use of the Internet without any geographical restrictions Importance of medication Why good grades matter? 1.2 Personal Experience My Role model and Best friend Celebrity you would like to meet and why Three things everyone should do well Why I buy too many things If I were president I would My favorite book My last dream My worst job experience My favorite movie If I were invisible for a day 1.3 How-To How to start a blog How to protect the Amazon rainforests How to ace interviews How to become a professional writer How to learn new skills How to differentiate between colors How to prepare your favorite meal How to remember things How to rent a house How to be happy all the time How to become a singer How to not lose friends 1.4 Persuasive Importance of Manners Why should the govt cut all the Foreign Aid Why girls should be allowed in the football teams The need for Calorie counts on fast food menu list How the current tax system is harming the working middle class Need for cybersecurity protocols Is it true that uniforms take away individuality? Introverts or extroverts Real learning occurs outside the classroom For more ideas, you can explore our article on persuasive speech topics. It has 100+ unique topic ideas to help you choose a topic that can engage and persuade your audience. 1.5 Business How ROI (Return On Investment) in improving Social media marketing and its importance Management strategies to increase productivity Ways to decrease production costs Best small business ideas How to Avoid Financial Scams Importance of a Dress Code Policy for a Professional Workplace 1.6 Funny Your favorite nickname and how you got it Three things you are scared of Favorite cartoon character How to impress your boss Ways to overcome phobias Procrastinating is beneficial for psychological health Why do people Hate Monday How to make your parents proud Important reasons to laugh How love differs from romantic movies We hope that these ideas can help you find a topic idea of your interest. Start preparation once you are done with the topic selection. Get Your Speech If you have selected the topic and realized that you have no time or not enough skills to construct it as it is a time-consuming process. Then don't worry. We can help you out with that. We at 5staressays provide high-quality writing services if you are looking to buy speeches online. Our expert writers can help you craft your speech on your selected topic. Simply contact us and place your order with the required details and sit back. We will do all the research and write an effective speech for you.

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Environmental Factors Video Gaming Technologies

Environmental Factors Video Gaming Technologies Free Online Research Papers Video Gaming Technologies (VGT) was established in 91’, the business was after the gambling market. With the development of the Treasure Quest and Black Jack Machine the company flourished. By 96’ The Tennessee based company had a new location in South Carolina where the bulk of the machines were built, tested and sold. As the company grew VGT started outsourcing the production of the machines to a company in Ohio, which were then sent to South Carolina for testing and the computer system to be installed. By 99’ the laws in South Carolina changed forcing the company to restructure the way machines were manufactured and sold. Locations in Oklahoma and Ohio soon opened but the quick decision has some problems the Ohio location was not ideal for VGT due to laws and cultures. The company now still has the Oklahoma location and the main office in Tennessee. The South Carolina and Ohio locations were closed. The Main operations located in South Carolina was forced out mainly due to the location of the bible belt, the bible belt is the area known for Southern Baptist, Southern Baptist are voice full in their convections and religious beliefs. Their Beliefs against Gambling ended with VGT moving their operations to a new location and the closing of the South Carolina place. Ethics and Morals are two different items; Morals are personal where ethics are an understanding for business practices. The issue is, that ethics are generally driven by morals, Morals get the ethics a start are placed in general practices. Where the Bible belt is concerned the Baptist pushes their moral beliefs because they believe they will help the community head in the right direction. Not everyone believes as the Baptist, but the hearts are in the right place. Ethics is a global issue, Ethics and laws tend to go hand in hand. Several laws are a reflection of ethics, in the business world; the thing is with a global economy business have to research the ethics and laws of more than just their home based country. Doing business in another country calls for the knowledge of that countries laws, ethics, morals, and culture differences. In the early ‘90s ethics became a booming business, ethics plays a large part in decision for potential and existing employees, a company with good ethics is more desirable(Seglin J. 2002). Trade agreements play a major role in the business world, the international and national trade agreements monitor, control and govern the buying and selling of any product service over boundaries between countries, states, and borders. Trade agreements like NAFTA opened the door way to trade for the countries on the North American continent (Canada, America, and Mexico). The USTF with Australia has opened even more lines of communication for the US; overall the agreements made between countries have allowed the economy to compete with the global world. When it comes to in country agreements are governed by the federal government and states laws. The political systems in each country however, people may feel about them are the ones that promote and negotiate the trade and cultural relationships between countries. For trade to be free and welcomed there has to be a relationship with the other countries, political systems help to establish this relationship by learning the other countries culture, ethics, morals, needs, wants, and possible business agreements. International relationships can be difficult, the thing is that nothing worth doing is easy, the harder something is the greater the rewards, international relationships fall into this category, to have a strong relationship it takes work. Culture’s are different, it’s what makes the world an interesting place, taking this into account for marketing has its own issues, a business may market to different cultures, to do so they would have different strategies for each, look at a car dealer, they focus on child friendly aspects for families and focus on speed and looks for singles. Cultures can be tricky if not careful the risk of insulting a culture can be high, and no hope for the marketing or the sale of the product. The different culture views can delay a project, as Sony discovered the workers were not doing as they were told, turns out their culture has a huge amount of machismo and to say a project is not going well is humiliating(Dutton G. 2007). Different cultures can be found in a small area or across continents, Demographics and geography are huge aspects in the different cultures. Demographics are a major part in the target market for the past. According to today’s society not as much the demographics are becoming less and less useful with the new mixed races and ethical behavior (Penttila C. 2005). Demographics still play a major role choosing the wrong demographic can crush the plan, and research into the cultures and demographics is a major key in marketing. Would marketing a new high cost car to the average or below average class income people be wise? No, if so the car would not have the same impact or sales as a higher income class of people. Technology is a wonderful thing although it can make or break a company. Technology changes in the blink of an eye, what one has today can be obsolete tomorrow. In business and marketing this is a critical key in the process. Keeping up with the completion can depend on the technology used and needed. A fall back to technology is that one a new item is released, no guarantee that no bugs exist or if it will have all the components needed. So the decision to upgrade or use the technology is on the business, they need to understand if the new technology will help them, if compatibility is there for previous versions or items will the benefits out way the cost? VGT is no different from any other business; they are affected by laws, ethics, morals, cultures, and demographics, to be influence just as another business would be. Business has several aspects to consider, especially in a global market. Considering all the aspects and factors that can influence a business and their decisions requires some major research and planning, VGT has survived by keeping up with the technologies, researching the competition, different cultures. They restructured when needed to refocus the product. VGT will continue to grow and prosper as long as the associates are willing to do a little work and research. ? Reference list Button G. 2007 Say? Entrepreneur Magazine. /entrepreneur/2007/November/185738.htm Pettily C. 2005 What Lies beneath? entrepreneur/2005/may/77152.html Seglin J. 2002 Good for Goodness sake. Research Papers on Environmental Factors Video Gaming TechnologiesNever Been Kicked Out of a Place This NiceComparison: Letter from Birmingham and CritoDefinition of Export QuotasPETSTEL analysis of IndiaThe Effects of Illegal ImmigrationAnalysis of Ebay Expanding into AsiaGenetic EngineeringRelationship between Media Coverage and Social andTwilight of the UAW19 Century Society: A Deeply Divided Era

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Q5 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Q5 - Essay Example The culture plays a major role in global information system management. Since the culture strongly influences management practices, such as decision making, policy-making, and system development strategies. However, the research on cultural dimensions offers a theoretical base that has been normally utilized for discovering the effects of cultural differences on the implementation and acceptance of information systems. These dimensions of culture are: (Kim & Peterson, 2003) Additionally, the complication of GIS development augments with the cultural dissimilarities in the countries concerned, particularly when the project manager is unable to recognize or distinguish the factors and overall situations that must be measured all through the global information system implementation. In addition, other complexities and challenges take place because of different languages, business, and official environments, vendor and technology help, national communications, local market size, the presence of local IT skills, and data export controls. Normally, culture differences affect global projects more than local projects because the straightforward and uncomplicated information system implemented locally can become a nightmare (a challenging task) if implemented globally (Biehl, 2007). Different techniques and technologies can be used to help resolve above discussed issues, for instance outsourcing is a best solution when workforce is less qualified. Social networks and other collaboration tools can be used to improve communication between international teams. As physical and logical security regulations are dissimilar, and they require to be tackled in cycle. Companies and Governments have previously spent hundreds of millions of dollars in the union of logical and physical security solutions. Security inside the business organization has previously been